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Mall Security System

The system will help the mall's security team to track, manage and analyze security events that occurred at the mall. It provides immediate alerts for new events from the mall's cameras and sensors and helps the control room to respond properly and ASAP depending to the type of the event. 

The Problem

The security team at the mall receives a lot of information collected from cameras and sensors in real time. Receiving that amount of information creates difficulty in processing it and taking actions ASAP in order to ensure quick response.

In addition, the events are documented in an Excel file, which causes inconsistency, difficulty in tracking data, difficulty in Keeping data in one place, and a lack of transparency with the store owners.

Security Room


Users Research:

The purpose of the user research was to understand what the control room operators do during the shift, and how do they operate a security event. 

To get to know the users better, I interviewed control room operators and security officers who work in control rooms. The interviews helped me to specify the user's needs.

The main challenges the users are dealing with are:

1. The control rooms operators work in shifts, most of them are young and they are not necessarily familiar with the location of the rooms / stores in the building. 

2. The information is collected from cameras and sensors. Some of the events are reported by field personnel.

3. In case of an emergency, the user will first manage it (perform immediate actions such as reporting to emergency services), and then open an event in the system.

4. The system should allow continuous monitoring at all times.

These research made me draw some conclusions that will affect the user interface:

  • The main purpose is to reduce the cognitive load on the users during the operation of the security events, therefore the user should make as few decisions as possible and view a list of task that he needs to do according to the event's type. 

  • To enable continuous monitoring of the building the main screen should provide an overview from the data collected from the sensors and cameras activities. 

  • Emergency alerts should appear on the screen immediately.

  • The control room operator needs a map of the building.


Rafi lozon - 35 yers old, Mall Security Officer

Shelly Tabib - 30 years old, Fashen Store Manager

Maor Levin - 40 years old, Mall Operation Manager

Itay Cohen - 26 years old,  Control Room Operator

I decided to focus on Itay because he represents the main user type of the system.

itay face.jpg

"I hope not to miss any significant safety event at the mall”

Itay Cohen

26 Yers old, Control Room Operator

Itay lives in Be'er Sheva, he is a Physics student. He was looking for a job that would allow him to combine work and studies. Working in the mall’s control room allows him to work in shifts and offers him flexibility during the exams.

Main goal: 

​When an event happens, it can be very stressful, so he wants the process of opening and managing an event to be as clear and short as possible.

Main concerns:

  • He may not be aware of the details of what happened on the previous shift.

  • He does not know the location of all the stores in the mall.

Itay's Goals

1. Documentation of all unusual cases and security events that occurred in the mall during the shift.

2. Viewing events from the previous shift and events that are still defined as open.

3. Closing open events.

4. Receiving real-time alerts from sensors and cameras about unusual activities.

5. Identify areas at risk to inform security men and security officer.

Information Architecture

tree security .jpg


The main flow of the prototype shows the process the user goes through when he wants to open a new events in the system.

As Itay I want to open an event in the system

so that I can ensure full handling of a security incident in the mall


sketch 2.jpg
sketch 3.jpg
sketch 1.jpg
main sfreen security mall.png

Nots regarding the prototype:

From the main screen to  new event management: 

# Serious security and safety events will appear on the screen with a warning, accompanied by a sign on the map and a sound.

# In emergency events, an alert will be received in the system, and by clicking on opening the event, Most will be automatically filled with editing option.

Control Room Operator uses ‘Walkie Talkie’  to notify the guards in an unusual event. He can then open an event.

# The user can keep monitoring the cameras and sensors while updating the event, viewing the tasks related to it and marking their accomplishment. He can also write the progress and activities accomplished.

new alert.png
open event screen.png
manage event 1.png
manage event 2.png

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