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Student Management System

This system will help the teaching staff to manage their classes, study material wisely and help the student to follow up on their academic statutes as well as their academic demands.

The Problem

Imagine an 8-year-old child who needs to follow 3 different systems to do his homework. Imagine his parents who need to follow 3 different systems for 3 different kids. 

Nowadays educational institutes are using many different educational systems to manage and communicate with students. The use of different systems that do not synchronize, multiply the work time for educational stuff and makes it difficult to follow up.


Business Model

  • Improve teacher's mode of work

  • Improve student's experience

  • Improve parent's experience 

  • License based model – educational institutes can decide what kind of license they want

  • Private license for student – extra educational program for students.


Market Research:

Today there are 5 digital platforms used by the Minister of Education in Israel and one popular platform used by the universities in Israel. Universities are using internal data systems for managing student's personal information and "Model" systems for learning purposes. Schools in Israel are using "Mashov" or "After school" for student's personal information and "Galim" and "Ofek" for digital learning.  Teachers in schools also use employee's portal for extra learning materials provided from the Israeli Minister of Education. 

Users Research:

From the Market research I could distinguish between 7 different users.

Each user needs to have his own view. In addition, there needs to be a viewing permission management for each user.


So after I understood who the users are, I started to create my personas. But to make them precise I conducted interviews mainly with parents, school teachers, school students and universities students. From the interviews I could understand better in what way  the users are different and in what way they are similar. 

  1. Parents view

  2. Therapy function

  3. Personal comments about behavior & progress

  4. Substitute teacher

  1. Independent  attendance submission

  2. Appeals

  3. Exams scans 

  4. Personal requests

  5. Syllabus

  6. Available courses in the institution

7. Grades

2. Database

3. Digital tasks

4. Division into classes

5. Distributions

  1. Reports

6. Calendar


Ilay Ben david - 9 grade student 

Michal Shimoni - math teacher & class educator

Shir Levy - occupational therapist

Maor Kleinman - second year student for psychology

Tikva Hadad - secretary in "Ariel university"

Itay Cohen - sales manager & a parent 

Prof David Dvora - math lecturer

I decided to focus on Michal because she represents the population that uses many features and functions in those kind of systems. 

Untitled presentation (4).png
Untitled presentation (1).png
Untitled presentation (2).png
Untitled presentation.png

"There is no bad kid, only a kid who feels bad“

Michal Shimoni

48 years old

Math teacher & class educator

Married +3 

Michal loves her students very much, she always brings her work home with her and even spends the afternoons answering parent's questions about their kids. As a teacher, Michal also pushes her children to excel in their studies, she helps them with their homework and assignments. It is important for her to be involved, so she is also a committee member in the parents' committees of her children's classes. Michal aspires to advance in the management chain at the Ministry of Education.

User's goals: 

  • Watch her schedule and edit it

  • Enter data about her students 

  • Save lesions 

  • Share lesions with other teachers 

  • Write personal comments to parents & 


  • Register a substitute teacher for lesions when she is sick 

  • Observe the personal progress of the students in her education class

Information Architecture

מערכת תלמידים עץ מערכת.png


The main flow of the prototype shows the process the user goes through when she wants to add an assignment.

This flowchart is based on the user's story:

As Michal, I want to add an assignment in Math for third grade students, so I could assess their knowledge on a mathematical subject.

תהליך הכנסת מטלה.png


There are two types of dashboards in the prototype: one for a specific lesson and one for class educator.  The purpose of each dashboard is to show the teacher a snapshot of a specific class. She can also select a student from the class and get a more specific snapshot. 

דשבורד כיתת חשבון.png


קונספט 3.jpeg
קונספט 2.jpeg
קונספט 1.jpeg

Usability Test

For better system navigation I conducted a usability test for users. First I let the users chank a list into groups. Second, step I asked the users to give titles to those groups.

The categories are now represented in the "class page".

שמישות קטגוריות.jpeg
שמישות כרטיסיות.jpeg

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