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Wedding Planner Website

This site will help couples who plan on getting married to decrease their expenses and find excellent service providers for their wedding. It is intendent to couples but will also service providers who work in the wedding business and want to advertise themselves.

The Problem

​Couples who plan their wedding follow a lot of Facebook groups to find the right service providers for their wedding. In addition, they use these groups to create purchasing group to decrease the wedding expenses or to reach the minimum amount on an order. So, one person publishes an offer and asks people to join him\her on the purchases. 

Business Model

  • Social buying - selling wedding accessories with discounts. As long as the number of purchases is increasing the price is decreasing.

  • Service providers - providing wedding production services

  • Sponsored content - service providers can advertise themselves on the site

Bridals Accessories

Business Goals

  • To product 10 weddings every month

  • 10 new service providers every month

  • Selling 1000 accessories every month

  • To reach the lower price in 5 purchasing groups

Looking forward:

The next step is to become a party planer site to many kinds of parties and not only weddings out of understanding that there are a lot of similarities in the processes and the service suppliers.


Sapir Dahan – 25,  Biology student, recently got engaged.

Ravit Bercovich – 47, Mechanical Engineer, this is her second marriage.

Yoav Gutman – 31, Home stylist, got engaged to his boyfriend.

I decided to focus on Sapir because she represents the population which is the most active in the social media's groups. 

מצגת פרויקט אמצע - כולל אנגלית.pptx (2).jpg
מצגת פרויקט אמצע - כולל אנגלית.pptx (1).jpg
מצגת פרויקט אמצע - כולל אנגלית.pptx.jpg
מצגת פרויקט אמצע - כולל אנגלית_edited.jpg

“I must find all the service providers for my wedding before my finals”

Sapir Dahan

Sapir got engaged a month ago. She wants to find service providers for her wedding as soon as possible so she could focus on the exams she has next month.


Main motivation: 

  • Find as many suppliers as possible on the site

  • Find inspiration ideas for decorations 

  • Calculate the wedding expenses



  • Difficulty in finding service providers that are available on her wedding date

  • Difficulty in finding service providers near the wedding hall area

  • Don't know how to choose the right service providers

  • Long waiting time from the moment she paid until she will receive the goods

Information Architecture



The main flow of the prototype shows the process the user goes through when she wants to purchase a product from the website and join a purchasing group.

This flowchart is based on the user's story:

As Sapir, I want to sign up for purchase groups of dance floor accessories so I could reduce the costs of my wedding.

תזרים קבוצת רכישה.png


פרוטו 2.PNG

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